“And under the moon, the ice tigers come…”

the epic poem of ausisai

Ausisai (AU-sis-eye) are feline-like animals that live on cold islands. They are rumored to be able to change into a humanoid form to lure people into the water.

Characteristics: Ausisai in their natural feline form have long, silky fur that come in a variety of colors, including white, black, gray, very pale blue, or silver.

Home Planet: Ausisai mostly stay to their icy home planet, Fayaissau. However, some have managed to migrate to other cold, wet planets such as Shiri and its moon Naemae.

Hierarchy: Ausisai live in Alpha-Beta-Subordinate-Omega packs. There are four main packs on Fayaissau; Moon Pack, which are swift hunters and fighters; Mountain Pack, which go after larger prey together; Ice Pack, swimmers that rule the seas and coast; and Sky Pack, which is a mix of the other three.

The markings of the four packs. Moon Pack is a sideways "S" with two small diagonal lines running through it. Mountain Pack is a upside-down "V" with a circle around the top. Ice pack is a jagged wave/ fin shape. Sky pack is a filled-in circle with lines coming out, like a sun.

Ranks: Ausisai have special features according to their pack and rank. All Ausisai that live in a pack have a pack marking. The marking is on their shoulder and shows what pack they are in and what rank. Ausisai can climb to higher ranks in a pack or get demoted to lower ranks if they do something bad.

Ranks in order

  • Alpha- leads the pack and makes major decisions. There is usually an Alpha couple. (Alpha male and female, an Alpha female and female, an Alpha male and male, etc.)
  • Beta- Next in line to Alpha, if both Alphas die, Beta becomes the new Alpha.
  • Delta- next-next in line, leads hunts if Alphas and Beta are busy.
  • Hirayia- Pack healers. They heal wounded Ausisai and read signs from the stars, clouds, and nature. (The shadow of a stone, the way the water ripples, etc.)
  • Pureyea- Lead warrior. Oversees training, patrols, and will lead battles with the other packs.
  • Eyea- Warriors. Will fight against other packs for food, territory, or for dominance. They drive intruders away and go on patrols.
  • Ryoshi- Hunters. If the pack is being attacked, they will stay behind to act as decoys so the rest of the pack can escape. They fight against predators and hunt prey.
  • Kinji- The lowest rank. These are Ausisai who disobey the rules or have committed a non-serious crime. They rarely get to travel outside the pack den.


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